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Fatal Accidents

 If a family member dies at the hands of others, whether through neglect or poor medical treatment, you can bring a claim.

For many grieving families, it is the search for answers that is the most important thing – not money.

How can Vincents help you?

Vincent’s specialist clinical negligence team can assist you. We will gather evidence in your search for answers and the cause of death. Our specialist team can:

• Review GP records;
• Review Hospital records;
• Represent the family at any inquest;
• Liaise with surgeons, hospitals, doctors and/or their legal representatives;
• Instruct specialist medical experts to provide their opinion as to what caused the death;
• Instruct experts to analyse whether there has been substandard treatment or care.

We can also assist with advice on:

• Probate
• Inquests
• State benefits
• Complaints to the Health Service Ombudsmen

Who can bring a claim?

If someone has left a will, then the executor can bring a claim on behalf of the estate. The executor can apply for probate, which allows them to administer the estate on behalf of the deceased and bring legal proceedings.

Can a claim be made if the deceased didn’t make a will?

Yes. In the event that the deceased didn’t make a will, then someone (usually a family member) can apply for letters of administration to deal with the deceased financial affairs. Vincents’ clinical negligence team can assist you with that process.

What can be claimed?

In certain circumstances, the following can be claimed, where the death has been caused by the negligence of others:

• The deceased’s pain and suffering before death;
• Any losses which the deceased incurred before death ( earnings etc);
• Bereavement award;
• Funeral expenses;
• Financial assistance for any dependants ( spouse and children).

Why use Vincents’ Clinical Negligence Team?

It’s important to seek specialist advice. Vincents’ clinical negligence team have over 30 years of dealing with claims involving patient deaths as a result of clinical negligence. We understand the need to act with sympathy and understanding.

What will it cost me?

We will always discuss funding options with you before starting your case. In many cases, we will act on a “no win, no fee” basis and our aim is to ensure that we remove the financial risks of bringing a claim.

Will I need to go to court?

In many claims, no. We will investigate your claim and contact the defendants before any court action is taken. We will keep you fully advised and any attendance at Court, if needed, will be at least 2 years after commencement of your claim, if at all.

Olivia Robinson is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

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