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Legal Provisions for Children

You know what’s right for your children. And you’re probably reluctant to get lawyers involved if it’s going to affect them. Sometimes, though, it does help to have some professional assistance and support. After all, the current and future wellbeing of your children will depend on how well you and your partner handle the process of separation. That’s why it’s crucial to have the best advice to ensure they come first. 

If you’re separating or divorcing, the arrangements for children can become difficult to resolve. You and your partner may have different views and different plans. Everyone in the Family team at Vincents is experienced in helping parents in these situations.

If you can’t agree the practical day to day living or financial arrangements for your children, if there’s an issue about health or education, or if one of you wants to take the children abroad either temporarily or permanently, we’re here for you at every step. The Vincents Solicitors family law team will deal with all these sensitive issues. Above all, we will always make sure that your children come first.

Whilst legal aid is not usually available for private law proceedings, there are circumstances in which legal aid is available. We will discuss all the various funding options with you at your first appointment.

Our team has a strong reputation for achieving positive and successful outcomes in these difficult situations. We will guide you through the process with realistic and focused advice. Vincents Solicitors Private Law Children Department includes a member of the Resolution Panel of Accredited Experts.

For any enquiries regarding Legal Provisions for Children please contact our Family Law Solicitors department on 01772 555 176
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