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Private Family Law relating to children

We offer a full range of family children legal services both in relation to private disputes between parents and public family law matters, which involve Social Services.

Private law matters

- Child arrangement orders

-Specific issue orders

-Prohibited steps orders

In relation to private law matters these issues arise following the breakdown of the parents relationship and separation.

Whilst it is always hoped that parents will be able to resolve issues and reach agreement between themselves, sometimes professional help and support is required. Following the breakdown of a marriage or a relationship the children of the family are likely to be a central concern for each of the parents. This presents as a difficult time and emotions can run high. We understand that a sensitive approach is needed to try to find practical solutions. Our family Law team includes members of the Resolution panel with accreditation to deal with private law matters. Resolution is an accredited body which aim to resolve disputes in the most amicable way possible, to minimise the disruption to the children.

Child arrangement orders

A child arrangement order is one which determines where the children will live and how much time they will spend with each parent. Such orders were previously known as custody and access orders, or residence and contact orders. These orders have now been replaced by a child arrangement order setting out specifically who the child will live with and the time that they will spend with the other parent.

Prohibited steps orders

Sometimes it is necessary to apply for an emergency order to prevent the other parent from doing something which is not agreed, such as seeking to remove a child from nursery, school or leaving the area.

Specific issue orders

Sometimes there is dispute about how a child's welfare should be met in terms of education or health. There can often be disagreements about which school a child attends or when a child is ill, as to the treatment that a child should receive to include disputes about vaccinations.

We can assist with all of the above matters. Whilst generally legal aid is not available for the above private law children matters, it can be accessed in certain exceptional circumstances and this is something that we will discuss with you. Otherwise we charge on an hourly rate for our services and will give you an indication of likely fees at the outset. We generally offer an initial fixed fee appointment to discuss your immediate concerns and how we may be able to assist.

Legal Aid is available in respect of private law matters subject to reaching certain requirements set by the Legal Aid Agency. Our Team are happy to discuss these requirements with you.

For any enquiries regarding Private Family Law relating to children please contact our Family Law Solicitors department on 01772 555 176
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