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Public Liability Claims

Have you been involved in an accident on public property that wasn’t your fault? Vincents Solicitors can guide you through the compensation claim process and improve your chance of success. The owner should have public liability insurance already, so your claim will be made against that policy, instead of the public company’s bank account.

You can find Vincents Solicitors in the North West, not too far away from Manchester. Some of our branches include Longridge, Knott End, Preston, Colne and Garstang, so get in contact with us today for public liability advice.

The Most Common Instances of Public Liability

Generally, public liability arises when an area has been neglected or insufficiently managed. Injuries can occur on broken footpaths, untended ice or snow, holes in the ground, tree roots, and poorly maintained steps. Sharp or heavy objects falling from a height can also cause serious damage and slippery surfaces or obstacles can cause extremely damaging slips or trips.

Of course, there are many ways to be injured on public property, so contact Vincents Solicitors to discuss your unfortunate experience and see if you have a case for compensation.

What Should You Do, If You Have a Public Liability?

Firstly, there must be plenty of evidence to prove that someone else was responsible for your injury. You should report the accident to a member of staff – if possible – and then seek out medical attention.

It’s great if you can take down the names and details of any witnesses present, as well as take photographs of what caused your accident. To show perspective, place down a coin or ruler next to the problem.

If you wish to recover any medical costs, please keep a receipt of your expenses as evidence.

Why Should You Claim For Compensation?

An accident may not be your fault, but you have to live with the financial, physical, and social ramifications, because of someone’s negligence – hardly fair, is it? That’s where Vincents Solicitors come in.

Sometimes, these injuries can be so severe that the experience is completely life-changing and debilitating. Where public area owners have been negligent, it’s only right that they assume responsibility for their property.

Depending on how extensive your injuries are, you might have to take time off work or maybe even leave your occupation altogether. If you claim for compensation, you can regain this lost money and recover any other financial losses your injury has incurred.

How do I start to Make a Public Liability Claim?

If you have been involved in a public liability claim, please get in touch with our personal injury team who will reassure and guide you through the process. We understand the importance and potential stress your public liability injury may cause you, so we are on hand to remove as much suffering as we possibility can. The first step is to simply call us and see if you feel comfortable working with us. Calls are free on 0800 310 2000.

For any enquiries regarding Public Liability Claims please contact our Personal Injury Solicitors department on 01772 555 176
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