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Building Breakthrough Teams Seminar 8th November

Talent Makes Capital Dance – Building Breakthrough Teams

A series of three breakfast seminars hosted and sponsored by Vincents Solicitors & Clayton Recruitment

At the heart of a great organisational success, you will often find an inspired team of individuals who have united to make something remarkable happen – a team that is energised, producing outstanding and innovative results by harnessing the individual talents to achieve the team goals.

The team is transformed from a collection of individuals into a single entity with a shared identity, with a single-minded focus and purpose. This team achieves a breakthrough – a ground breaking result, a unique achievement never realised before, and then goes on to make its mark with further notable impact and results.

In a series of three breakfast seminars, we’d like to share our own research into Breakthrough Teams with you. Find out how these teams set out to revolutionize their worlds, and how you can build your own Breakthrough Team based on the insights and learning from our research:

  • How NASA recruits astronauts – it’s not rocket science, but not far off
  • Traits that make the All Blacks a world class winning rugby team
  • How Apple Inc. use their Board as source of competitive advantage

The seminars are focused on business leaders – Managing Directors, Financial Directors and HR Directors & Managers. The insights will be thought provoking but also offer practical guidance to take back to your business and implement to make a difference.

Your business could be eligible for Government funding to develop and implement an HR strategy, and details of this funding will be given at the first seminar.

Details of the first event are as follows:

Venue: Vincents Solicitors, Guild Chambers, 4 Winckley Square, Preston, PR1 3JJ
Itinerary: Thursday 8 November, 8.00am – 9.45am
Arrival, Networking and Breakfast 8.00am – 8.20am
Presentation 8.20am – 9.20am
Networking and Refreshments 9.20am to 9.45am

Places at the seminar are free of charge, but limited. To book yours, e-mail Ian Brookes on or call 0800 310 2000.

For any enquiries regarding Building Breakthrough Teams Seminar 8th November please contact our Events department on 01772 555 176
Or enquire online here.