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How to avoid workplace grievances turning into tribunal claims

Vincents Solicitors’ Legal Earth in conjunction with Hesketh Mediation Services presents:

An informative Seminar for any employer: How to avoid workplace grievances turning into tribunal claims.

Itinery: Tuesday 21st May and Wednesday 5th June 8am - 9.20am

Venue: Vincents Solicitors, Guild Chambers, 4 Winckley Square, Preston PR1 3JJ

Arrival: 8am - 8.20am

Presentation: 8.20 - 9am

Refreshments and Questions: 9am - 9.20 am

In the current economic climate, businesses are at an even greater risk of being taken to an employment tribunal as employees seek to enforce statutory rights through litigation.

Employment tribunal claims not only cost the employer huge amounts of money in defending employee claims but they also erode management time and potentially could damage a company’s reputation.

We have responded to this increased risk by designing a seminar which will assist local business owners in effectively managing workplace grievances and potentially keeping any staff grumblings out of the employment tribunal.

The seminar is designed to be simple yet thorough and will be delivered by guest speaker mediation expert Mr Philip Hesketh in conjunction with employment law solicitor Christina Reed from Vincents employment law division Legal Earth.
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Legal Earth
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